Thursday, January 14, 2016

The stupid evil beggar is now denying what I said about the Today Show clip from 11/25/63. Well, here's the link:

It goes like this from second 51 to 52:

Keep in mind that that is the end of the 51st second. 

You see that it says 52, right? Then it's still 52 when it jumps back:

Watch it. It takes 2 seconds. It is an obvious break and obvious splice. Nothing caused the cameraman to divert his camera, and he didn't divert it. I'm sure he caught Oswald glancing. They just made up that break to avoid showing Oswald glancing at Ruby. 

And the proof is that you can see him doing it in other versions.

Oswald turned his head and looked at Ruby. Leavelle didn't turn; Graves didn't turn; but Oswald turned. He rotated his head to his left and looked at Jack Ruby.

And then he rotated it back. He was not looking at Ruby when Ruby shot him.

Backes begs people to "donate." Donate? We've been hearing calls for donations our whole lives, haven't we? Don't they always tell you what you are being asked to donate to and for? And if it's a person, don't they always tell you what happened to the stricken person, why he or she needs help? Backes just begs for money for no other purpose than to make his life better.

No, Joe. I'm not going to help you. And no one else with sense is going to help you either. There are people in the world who are really hurting, who really need help. That's to whom people will donate, not to you, you selfish jerk. 

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