Monday, January 25, 2016

This is an interview of Marina Oswald from 1993. It was the 30th anniversary, and Posner's book Case Closed had recently come out and was being lauded by the press. 

Tom Brokaw does the questioning, and he is hard on her. He does more telling than he does asking. He accused her of saying that she didn't love Lee, and she denied having said that, saying that of course she loved him. 

The most insightful exchange was when Brokaw pointed out, accurately, that her testimony to the Warren Commission was very incriminating, and she responded by disputing whether her words weren't interpreted correctly by the Russian translator, however she wasn't specific. 

The fact is: at the time, she was very damaging to Oswald, most damaging, and plenty of what she said made no sense. 

After the assassination, she was immediately put in an environment in which every single person around her was voicing Oswald guilt. 

I don't know if there were any drugs involved, but I am sure that very sophisticated brainwashing techniques were used to sway her mentally to the accept the story as being real, as having happened. 

And it's the kind of brainwashing that goes on a lot. When we think about the brainwashing that goes in cults, what is it that makes some, say, runaway teen, start believing? 

It's partly because everyone around the runaway teen, within the cult, espouses the doctrine, where it and they become the whole reality. 

How do Scientologists do it? Same way. Control. Complete control. Shut out the outside world. Immerse the person in the world of Scientology. Make it a full-time endeavor, at least for a while. Isolate, isolate, isolate.  Repeat, repeat, repeat. And eventually, you will have created a new person with new beliefs,  

My natural instinct is to like Marina, and I do. I really do. I also feel sorry for her. I wish I could help her, to be given a chance to help her. What she needs to do is to go back and revisit the aftermath of the assassination and the period in which she was detained. She needs to recall the people, the individuals who were involved, who surrounded her, the things they said to her, the way they said them, and whatever else they did to influence her. 

I've been reading about "cult deprogramming" which involves hours and hours of "ethical psychological techniques" to counter the "unethical psychological techniques" used by the cult. 

That's it. I'm saying that "unethical psychological techniques" were used on Marina by the FBI and Secret Service, and she needs to get it all sorted out. Once she does, she can free her mind and really get clear. 

In this video, she seems nervous, uneasy, and shaky. She seems afraid. She seems very afraid. I have no idea how she is now. 
Marina was a victim, but she doesn't have to be a victim any more if she chooses not to be. 

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