Monday, January 18, 2016

Oh, foolish me! I actually thought the Girl on the Pedestal was a different subject. I didn't realize that every image from every source is the same subject whenever it involves alteration. I can't distinguish Zapruder film alteration from, say, Backyard photo alteration because they are the same subject. It's not the thing, the object, the entity, that is the subject, but rather, what was allegedly done to it. 

But, I presume that's only true for me, that if somebody else wants to discuss Backyard photos or the Moorman photo, with reference to alteration, that they can start a separate thread about it.

And no, Jerry. you are misrepresenting my position. And, you are also making a contradiction without realizing it. 

Do you think the Doorman in the image with Toni Glover is real? But, he's over by Carl Jones by the west wall. He's right above him. But, in Wiegman, he's far from Carl. Just compare:


Together/Apart, Together/Apart, Together/Apart.  See it?

So, what do you figure happened, Jerry? Do you figure Lovelady was hovering over Carl Jones, breathing down his neck, over there by the west wall, and then, during the motorcade, he relocated himself and went to the top landing right about in the center? So, you think Lovelady was moving around the doorway during the shooting? But, he never said that. He was asked specifically by Joseph Ball where he was during the shooting, and he never said anything about being over by Carl Jones. He never mentioned Carl Jones as someone he was with, and he did mention people that he was with: Bill Shelley, Sarah Stanton. Why didn't he mention Carl if he was hovering right above him?

But, first things first: do you, or do you not admit that if these two are both Lovelady that it means he moved around, that he relocated in the doorway during the shooting?

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