Saturday, January 16, 2016

Backes thinks it's just an accident that NBC missed catching Oswald turning his head left and looking at Ruby.

He thinks that the cameraman was busy changing his lens, so he missed it and got this:

And what could Hugh Downs do about it? Absolutely nothing.

But wait. Didn't they look at the footages produced by others? Didn't they find out afterwards that of the three, only Oswald turned his head, to where he appeared to be looking right at Ruby?

Well, isn't it newsworthy? Aren't people entitled to decide for themselves what the implications of it are? So, why didn't NBC report it afterwards?

"Although our cameraman was busy changing his lens at the time, Lee Harvey Oswald turned his head to his left and appeared to be looking at Jack Ruby. This was a second or two before Ruby bolted towards him and fired his shot. We want you to see this image, and you can decide for yourself what it means. But, many are saying that Oswald made eye contact with Ruby before he shot him."

So, why didn't NBC at least do that? I would say that this is a very historic image. It is riveting. 

So, if NBC honestly missed it, then why didn't they honestly make up for it by displaying it afterwards? 

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