Saturday, January 23, 2016

We have been discussing Ken Saffold's work today at the OIC, and we are all in agreement that he is right about the timing of the Altgens photo. It came much earlier than Zapruder 255, about Z210, according to Ken. One of our senior members Michael Capasse claims to have confirmed it a different way by counting the lane markers to the front of the limo. That resulted in an estimate of Z212 by Michael, which is pretty darn close. 

So, through multiple observations, it is clear that the Altgens photo was taken much earlier than Z255. That designation was made just to support the preposterous Single Bullet Theory. 

Backes didn't even mention it, and that's because he can't refute it. 

And Ken is right about the significance of Kennedy not being centered in the photo. 

How hard is it to aim your camera at somebody? Altgens wasn't shooting at Kennedy, per se. He was shooting the larger scene. And there are good reasons to consider that this indeed may be a crop. Nobody is ever going to capture the view of the Altgens photo exactly with the leaning monument, just as nobody is ever going to capture the view of the Moorman photo exactly, and that one definitely is a crop. More on this tomorrow.   

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