Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"FALSE! Unsolicited money came to Marina out of sympathy for her being an innocent victim caught up in the tragedy.  She would now be a widow with two infant children to support. She had no home of her own. She had no job." Beggin' Backes

RC: Yes, I get that. But, what if, from the very beginning and all along she opposed the official story, proclaimed her husband's innocence, said he was framed, and sought justice for him? What would have happened then? They may have deported her right away, and if they didn't deport her, they may have come up with a way to trump up charges against her for something. But, she would have been crucified by the press. She would have been depicted as Oswald's sympathizer and maybe his accomplice. She would have gotten no sympathy from the American people. The Warren Commission? I doubt there would have been one. What would have been the point? They would have had to interview her, and if she was going to say that Oswald owned no rifle and never hurt anybody, it would only have made matters worse. 

Americans wanted to believe the official story because, awful as it was, it did not indicate that anything was systemically wrong in the country. But, if Marina Oswald, the wife of the accused, cried bull shit, it would have been chaos. It would have been turmoil. We can only speculate what would have happened, but worst case scenario, it could have led to martial law. But, suffice it to say, they would have tried to malign her, marginalize her, and depict her as evil, wicked, and anti-American. 

In fact, I'll tell you what I think: I think they would have depicted her as a Soviet agent. They would have gone rough on her, but Mark Lane would have gone to her aid legally. And others would have too, but not masses of Americans.

But, imagine if she had done it, stood up to them. It's thrilling to think about it.  

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