Sunday, January 17, 2016

Toni Glover on the pedestal IS fake. There is no doubt about it. The fact alone that they couldn't decide whether to keep or ditch her supposed wave in Hughes tells you that it is fabrication; a concoction. 

Now consider why they did it, why they put her there.

They put her there because Oswald was there, in the doorway. She went over him. She went on top of him on the image- like a postage stamp on an envelope. She is pasted over him, covering him up. 

This was it. This was the heart of the ruse. All the others were just a vain attempt to validate this. This is the one they needed. Look at the size of that 11 year old girl. Did I mention she was just 11 years old? Did I mention that there is supposed to be a full-grown, middled-aged woman there in front of her in that frame? She's got her nose to her mother's back, yet she's waving? How? Why? What for? Who has ever done such a thing? Her mother is smack dab in front of her. Her mother is smack dab in front of her. Her mother is smack dab in front of her. Therefore, her action makes no sense. Her mother's invisibility makes no sense. The whole thing is complete, utter bull shit.  

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