Saturday, January 16, 2016

Regardless of why NBC missed capturing Oswald's turn, which you say happened by accident because the cameraman decided to change his lens, and I say otherwise, but regardless, the fact is: THEY MISSED IT!

And the very fact of it- the fact of Oswald doing it- is the most important thing. You've got two cops there who are transferring Oswald with full awareness that he was in danger, that there were threats against him, enough so that they were using a Brinks truck:

Yet, it doesn't even occur to them to look around and actually look for threats; look for danger; look for harm coming. 

Would it have killed them to actually look around and scan the theater that they were in? When the President is in a crowd, you see the Secret Service agents looking all around. What was the point of looking down? An attacker was not going to come bursting through the floor. So, why is it that neither Leavelle nor Graves were looking around? I have to wonder if they were instructed not to. 

Oswald, on the other hand, is the only one of the three of them who actually turned his head and looked to his left. And realize that there was no need to look to the right. On the right was the police department building. An attack was not going to come from there. An attack, if it came, was going to come from the left. That's where they should have been looking. In Oswald's case, he really does seem to be looking at Ruby. And, for whatever reason, NBC failed to capture that. Backes wants to say that it was innocent and accidental- just a fluke thing that the cameraman decided to change his lens. But, thank God other cameramen didn't have to do that. We know now that Oswald definitely turned and looked in the direction of Ruby, and I can't imagine who else he was looking at.  

Why do they keep giving awards to Jim Leavelle? He let a man in his custody get shot and killed, so why do they give him awards for failing at his job? 

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