Saturday, January 23, 2016

As I have been saying, we at the OIC have been unanimous so far that Ken Saffold is right that the Altgens photo was taken much earlier than Z255, with Michael Capasse counting the lane markers and coming up with essentially the same conclusion: Z210 to Z212. 

But what about the rest of Ken's reasoning? At this point, I am intrigued by it but have to study it further. I am open to the idea that the Altgens photo was cropped because I am already convinced that the Moorman photo is a crop of a larger image. You notice in the Moorman photo that it didn't catch the slope of Elm Street.

See the difference? And every time Mary Moorman has ever talked about it and demonstrated it, she has faced Elm Street and the Kennedys squarely and snapped the picture.

The Moorman photo was taken AFTER the fatal head shot. And we know that from the content of the picture. But listen to Mary Moorman on the TODAY Show. Go to the 2 minute mark, and you'll hear her say: "I heard the shot (while taking the picture). I took the camera down. And I heard two more shots."

It means that her camera was down at the time of the last shot. And it means that she could not have taken the Moorman photo because the Moorman photo is a picture of the effects of the last shot.  

Now, the only way anyone can dispute this is to claim that Mary Moorman doesn't know what the hell she is talking about; that she does not know when she took her own picture.

Others have played around with the Moorman photo to try to give it the angle that it should have.

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