Sunday, January 17, 2016

How could there be versions of the Hughes film with and without the wave? It's a film. One film. It got filmed one particular way and that's all. So, how could there be various versions with and without the wave?

If the wave really happened, then it should appear in all versions. If it's not in some versions, it means that those versions got edited; where the wave was taken out. 

Who would do that? Why would anyone do it? And how can it be construed as innocent? It can't. It wasn't. It isn't. 

Somebody had second thoughts about that wave, and for good reason. How could Toni Glover be waving when she was flush-up against her mother's back? And why would she be waving at that moment when JFK wasn't even in front of her, that is, not in front of her mother? 

The wave made no sense, so they got rid of it. But wait. If the wave wasn't real, then the whole thing wasn't real. If they faked the wave, they faked everything.

There is no way to save this. There is no way to rationalize it. The goofy wave is a smoking gun, a bloody footprint; pick your metaphor.  

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