Monday, January 18, 2016

Today is Martin Luther King Day, and I notice that the media is giving quite a lot of attention to it- a lot more than they gave to JFK on the 52nd anniversary of his murder last November.

And I'm not complaining because I honor Martin Luther King. He was the most eloquent and impassioned spokesman there was against the Vietnam War. That's why they killed him. It wasn't over his advocacy of civil rights.  MLK touched people with his reasons for opposing the Vietnam War. He was extremely effective. It's why they killed him.

But now, the Vietnam War is long over; it's ancient history. And there isn't nearly as much "truthing" going on about how MLK was murdered and by whom. And so, the media is willing to cover him more largely than JFK. 

But, here now is Dr. Kevin Barrett who on this auspicious occasion rears up the ugly fact that MLK was murdered the same way JFK was- by the warring, fascist state and with a lone nut for a patsy.

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