Saturday, January 16, 2016

Yes, Backes, I know Hugh Downs said that here is how it looked live, but that's just lipflapping. There was a cover-up going on. Films got edited. Films got spliced and diced. So far, there are 7 different versions of the squad room scene with Lovelady, from 2 seconds to 11 seconds in length, and some of which do not even share a single frame. 

There is no basis whatsoever to conclude that a cameraman needed to change a lens during Oswald's walk. That's stupid.

Beggin' Backes freely helps himself to the conclusion that this is Toni Glover's hand atop the pedestal.

So, that's her hand, huh? She was just standing there with her arm out like that? That isn't even a natural position of the arm. She would have had to be standing like this.

When you're not holding something, you just let your arms dangle; they fall to your side.
So, her arm wouldn't be angled out like this:

So, what was Toni Glover doing at the time? According to Bell:

She was clutching Mom for dear life. A few seconds before she was boisterous. 

So, she went from that to this in 3 seconds.
What, did she suddenly feel precarious up there? Or did she just want to cuddle with Mom? 

But, at no time was she doing this:

Furthermore, her hand is way too big. Look at the size of it. She was an 11 year old girl.

Backes, you spew your evil, wicked soul every time you post. You defend and champion the official story- everything but Oswald's bus and cab ride, which he actually took. In a word, you are on the wrong side of everything. 

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