Sunday, January 24, 2016

Backes, you don't get it. I took my frickin' camera out, aimed it at the magazine, and took this picture. I did it tonight.

So, we are talking about a 1964 physical image from Life magazine with just one digital copy made of it. Furthermore, since I have the magazine in front of me, I had the ability to confirm whether it reproduced accurately, and it did. Again, I did it realizing that there are lots of copies of this magazine out there for sale, so anyone can pick one up and look directly at the hard image with their own two eyes and confirm whether I am telling the truth. The whole idea is to bypass all the digital slop online. That shirt is not only not plaid; it is extremely unplaid. It isn't even remotely plaid. You'd have to be out of your freaking mind to claim that these are the same shirt.

 That is a helpless, hopeless claim, saying those two are the same shirt, same man, 20 minutes apart. You think that's going to sell in Peoria? Are you going to stand in front of a crowd of regular people, not JFK trolls, and be the one to tell them that that's the same man wearing the same shirt? Good luck with that, and you'll no doubt get the response you deserve. You're selling shit, Backes. 

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