Monday, January 11, 2016

William Green, a supporter, has asked me whether I am ready to join those who say that it was all faked in the basement and Oswald was really killed on the ambulance ride to the hospital.

The answer is that I'm not ready to espouse that the way I espouse Oswald in the doorway because I KNOW beyond all doubt that Oswald was in the doorway. 

But, I am open to the possibility that there was an alternate story to how Oswald got killed, and it's because there are so many baffling incongruities about the official story. 

In order of importance: there is the lack of blood, the lack of bleeding, and the lack of ANY visible trauma to Oswald. There is no disruption of him that we can see (no break in his skin) nor is there any disruption of his clothing. THERE IS NO HOLE IN HIS SWEATER, at least, none that we can see. Second, there are the behaviors of all the people involved, including Oswald. You had these cops who were so concerned about the danger to Oswald that they were using a Brinks truck to transport him, which was like a tank. And yet, they didn't look around as they were walking him through a crowd of people? And then, even though they weren't looking directly at Ruby, he was moving within their visual field, and automatically, people tend to glance at moving objects within their visual field.  So, why didn't it cause them to turn their heads and glance at Ruby? I find it to be very, very strange that Ruby could get that close to Oswald without triggering a head turn and eye movement by Leavelle and Graves.

And as I said, even Oswald's behavior was strange because he glanced at Ruby.

So, after glancing at Ruby, how could he wind up like this when Ruby reached him?

Then, there is also the fact that NBC removed the frames of Oswald glancing at Ruby. They broke to this curtain crap:

That is supposed to be the back of a man's jacket, but it is bull because it took place BEFORE the shooting. There was no commotion at that point. There was no pandemonium. There was no fracas. There is simply no justification for that break in continuity. They were simply trying to avoid showing what appeared to be Oswald glancing at Ruby. And that's why I have to think he really must have been glancing at him.  

Then, you've got all the weird stuff that followed the shooting, including that we don't see Oswald again. That is, we don't see him for a long time. Apparently, Leavelle, at some point, released the handcuffs, and Oswald was carried into the building. Why don't we see it? How could it be that nobody was interested in filming that? Then, we never saw Oswald inside, but they did show us a spot on the floor where he was lying. 

So, they just put Oswald down on the floor? The cold, hard, dirty, floor? And that is blood from his back? We're supposed to believe that the front side of him showed no blood whatsoever, but somehow blood got on the back side of him and was left on the floor?

And then, you've got the weird towel thrown over his sweater where he was shot, that's first on the right side, where he wasn't even shot:

And then on the left:

but in some versions, you can't see it at all.

So, I am just uneasy about the whole story of how Oswald got killed by Jack Ruby. And I am leaving my options open about it. Wide open. 

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