Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Perry Thomas It's bad enough that Marina got raped by agents of the FBI, without us raping her too. Marina has got on board with Lee's innocence, but she still maintains that he purchased the rifle under his alias name. There is overwhelming evidence that he ordered the rifle in question. Do I think Lee fired any of the shots? No, but I do know that he ordered and possessed the rifle in question. Through channels that I do not want to divulge, I do know FIRST HAND, that Marina will not change her testimony and response about Lee owning the Mannlicher Carcano Rifle. As far as Lee being in the doorway at the time of the assassination...........I am not sold.
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Ralph Cinque Don't listen to Perry. Read the work of John Armstrong and Gil Jesus who present persuasive evidence that Oswald never ordered or owned any rifle. And keep in mind that people like Perry are calling Lee Harvey Oswald a liar because he said he didn't own a rifle. That's why I say Perry does not belong here; he's not one of us. As far as Marina getting on board with Lee's innocence, this has been reported but only by way of hearsay. Publicly, Marina isn't saying anything. I am working on a piece now that will present evidence that Marina was essentially an MK-Ultra subject, that she was brainwashed. Dealing with her highly devastating testimony against Oswald is one of the most crucial things we can do to exonerate Oswald, and it must be dealt with.

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