Saturday, January 23, 2016

This contact print version of the Altgens photo has very different dimensions. Lisa Osta checked it and when she set the width to 360 pixels, the width came back at 240 pixels, as it should have. So, it appears that Ken Saffold was using a stretched version of the Altgens photo, though I'm sure unwittingly. I am going to try to contact Ken about this to see what he says. I have no idea how is going to respond. Maybe he will still maintain the Altgens photo was cropped, but I don't know. 

An interesting thing that Lisa pointed out is that contact paper usually consists of all the images from a roll of film. Like this roll of Che, taken by Rene' Burn, and submitted by Lisa. By the way, Lisa has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.

Lisa said the professional photographers never cut their film. Then I asked her this:

Ralph Cinque Lisa, let me get this straight: you think it indicates the film was cut with scissors, and Altgens6 was removed from the roll?
LikeReply11 mins

Lisa Osta Definitely!

Lisa Osta Never, for 35mm negatives, most often it will be an 8"x10" sheet of paper.

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