Saturday, January 16, 2016

This version of Oswald being shot by Ruby, which is uninterrupted unlike the NBC version, I like much better.

It captures Oswald turning his head towards Ruby.

It sure looks like he made eye contact with Ruby.

If he's not looking at Ruby, then who is he looking at? And this is what the NBC photographer missed capturing, supposedly because he got the urge to change his lens right when this happened. He felt he needed a different lens just to film a 20 foot walk. The subjects were walking towards him and were going to loom larger in the frame anyway, but he wanted a different lens, and if it was going to break up the short clip and create visual noise, so be it. His thought process went something like this:

"You know something? I think I'm going to change my lens. I really think I should. I'm just going to break away; change the lens; and then come back. It'll look like shit, I realize; but you know something? I don't care. I could settle for this, and most would. But, not me. Even though this whole walk from the building to the truck is only going to last a few seconds, I'm just going to break away right in the middle of it because I think I a different lens would suit me better."

Here is W walking towards the pedestal in the Rose Garden to give a speech. The camera never breaks away from him. It stays right on him. And once he starts speaking, the camera zooms in on him, but never does it break away. There's no cacophony; no visual noise.

Are we to believe that every other photographer except NBC's managed to film Oswald being transferred without changing lens in the middle of it? That he was the exception? All because he got the bright idea to do it? 

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