Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why does Beggin' Backes say that I am stealing something from Ken Saffold when I credit the guy profusely and put up his video?

Maybe Backes should beg for a brain.

Right now, I am hoping to hear from Ken about the fact that the contact sheet image does show the right proportions of .66 to 1 for the height vs. the width. But, I'll point out that Ken has other reasons for thinking that the Altgens photo was cropped. He certainly did some fabulous work in determining that the Altgens photo was taken at Z210, not Z255. The latter is widely accepted, widely repeated, but dead wrong. And it makes a colossal difference; it independently destroys the Single Bullet Theory and therefore, the whole official story of the JFK assassination. Even the Idiot Backes has steered clear of criticizing Ken about that.

But, think about it; if they've been lying all along about when the Altgens photo was taken, is it likely that that's the only lie they're telling about it? Fat chance.

Now, Lisa Osta, a degreed photographer, is confident that the Altgens film was cut- as with scissors, assuming the contact photo is genuine. 

So, why did they have to cut out the piece of film with Altgens6? It is most irregular to do that. Do you think maybe it was so that it could be given it to alterers to work on?   

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