Monday, January 18, 2016

I have long maintained that this image of Toni Glover is not legit, and one of the things I have pointed out is that she's awfully big. Carl Jones, the black man in the doorway, was 6'3" 220 pounds. He is the small figure in blue next to the white column.

Toni was, presumably, closer to the camera than he was, but they were both far from the camera. Robert Hughes was way down at the intersection of Main and Houston. 

So, to demonstrate that she looks big and wide for 11 years old, I put up a link from Google Images showing 11 year old girls. Then, Duncan MacRae did this:

That is insane. Google Corporation provided the images. There was nothing deviant about it. Why would Duncan MacRae or anyone think such a thing? 

This is the culmination of a roe that started earlier and was ready to boil over. Repeatedly, MacRae eliminated my threads, finally leaving just one whose title he changed to something derogatory. And I called him on it- just today. I told him he was power-driven and jack-booted. I'm sure he didn't like it. 

Google offers the following:

And if you type in 11 year old girls, it will pull up pictures of them. Here is the link:

I did not even post any images. I posted a link to where Google Corporation provides images. Their page. They were doing it, and they weren't going to put up anything deviant- and I knew that. And why would anyone doubt it? What the heck is wrong with people?

This was just a guy, Duncan MacRae, who was mad, boiling over, who jumped on something as an excuse, a pretext, to get rid of me for reasons that had nothing to do with this. 

But hey, I couldn't care less about being banned. The fact is: it was taking too much of my time, and there are better things that I can be doing. So, good riddance to that whole bunch. 

But, the OIC still has a member there, Michael Capasse, who is a supporter of Oswald in the doorway. I am going to contact Michael and ask him about posting this. I should be allowed to respond.   

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