Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Look, Beggin' Backes: Hosty and Bookhout were a team at that first interrogation. Hosty may have been the one to ask Oswald about Mexico City, but you can be damn sure that Bookhout was in on it, that he knew about it, and that he and Hosty were working together and were fully coordinated. So, I still say it was Hosty and Bookhout together who were holding and playing the Mexico City card. 

You are such an idiot, Backes; the things you choose to argue about. 

And, it was Hosty in his first report who admitted that Oswald "frantically" denied being guilty. Frantically. And when he was questioned by the Warren Commission about his use of that word, Hosty tried to back off. He said maybe that was the wrong word, that what he should have said was "adamantly".  And that, of course, is a word that Oswald used himself. In the hallway to reporters, Oswald barked: "I adamantly deny these charges."

And, I know that Chief Curry, who wasn't even at the interrogations, related how strongly Oswald denied the charges. 

Now, you and I know that Oswald was adamantly denying the charges because he was innocent. So, why on Earth would he lie about going to Mexico City? Why would he give a shit? Why would he give a frying fruck whether they knew he went to Mexico City? Why would he risk NOT being believed in his profession of innocence about the murders by lying about a harmless trip he took to Mexico City? He would have had to be completely out of his mind. And to this day, no one has ever put forward a plausible reason WHY Oswald would have lied about that. 

And I'll tell you something else that is very astute: in a situation like that, the accused has an expectation about being asked certain questions, and perhaps he decides ahead of time to lie, and he steels himself to lie. He's ready. It's like waiting for a pitch in baseball; he's poised and ready to swing. But, in this case, Oswald could not have been giving any thought to Mexico City. He could not even have decided to lie. That question must have come from out of the blue. He could not have been prepared to lie. He could not have given any thought to lying about it. So, I should think that he would have needed a moment to ponder it- if he was going to lie. But, they weren't giving him a moment to ponder; they wanted an immediate answer. So, he would have told the truth. He didn't even have time to decide to lie. 

But, the whole thing is ridiculous because he had absolutely no reason to lie. He didn't have the slightest reason to lie. Nobody has ever proposed a remotely plausible reason why he would have lied. He didn't lie. HE DIDN'T GO TO MEXICO CITY!

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