Wednesday, January 13, 2016

You know about the standoff in Harney County, Oregon, and this is the Sheriff there talking to the residents. And he really talks to them. He is speaking, not reading. He is speaking from the heart.

That was eloquent. So, you've got a local Sheriff who can do that, but the President of the United States needed three speechwriters to come up with a few words for him to say to the nation about the death of John Kennedy on the day that he was shot, killed, slaughtered in the street, and not any of those words had anything to do with John Kennedy or even mentioned him. LBJ.  Even with three speechwriters, he wasn't eloquent at all.

He spoke seven short sentences, and he looked down to read for each and every one of them. For several of them, he looked down more than once. He had to look down 4x to complete the 4th sentence. In total, he looked down to read 11 times.

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