Sunday, January 24, 2016

I am not sure if I have ever showed this collage before. First, let's recognize that the white streaks in Doorman's shirt are nothing but distortion. It is NOT how his shirt was. That is just noise, not plaid pattern. So, forget about it. On the right, you can see how Oswald's shirt folded over very easily, and shirts made in America or for America do not do that because they have a stiff collar and a stiff lining down the middle. You don't have any shirts that do that, and neither do I. But, Oswald's shirt did it and so did Doorman's. And, lo and behold, Oswald had a left shoulder. Look how far it juts out, which you don't see on Doorman because his left shoulder was cut off by the insertion of Black Tie Man into the picture. There is a weird suggestion of a hand there over Doorman's shirt that somebody etched in. You know that's fake. Why? Because the hand is on backwards. The thumb is on the wrong side. Try it yourself. Face how the black man is facing, in profile to the right, and then raise your right arm to wave. Your thumb is on the inside. Your hand is turned the other way. The way that hand is oriented is impossible. It goes beyond the range of motion. But, even if it was possible, why would he do it that way? People don't wave like that. They just raise their arm, with their hand in its natural, normal, neutral position, and they wave. They don't twist it all around. This is ridiculous.  

But, there is some good stuff here. The angle views are different, but we can still see the symmetry of the eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. Of course, the hairlines and the shape of the top of the heads are different, but I have explained the reason for that; they moved over the top of Young Lovelady's head. 

The right collar matches perfectly, and the left one would too if we could see it on Doorman. They stuck Black Tie Man in there precisely because if we could see the formation on the left side of Doorman's shirt, the jig would have been up immediately. You can see that they wedged Black Tie Man in there; it's plain as day. They even gouged out Doorman's jaw on that side. Can't you see how excavated it looks? The ears match well too. This is a good collage. 

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