Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It is easy enough to see why the program likes Oswald better. With your naked eyes, you can see why.

Just look at the eyes. Oswald's and Doorman's are a spot-on match as to shape, depth, the brows, the distance between the eyes and the brows. But, Lovelady has got more shallow eyes, more bulging eyes, and a huge gap between his eyes and his eyebrows. 

Just look at the noses. Oswald's and Doorman's are more chiseled, whereas Lovelady has got a hunk of cartilage that is much more bulbous. 

Look at the area of mouth-to-chin. It's spot-on between Oswald and Doorman, but Lovelady has got a longer chin. It's a bit Jay Leno-ish, to be honest. 

I suspect that the program liked everything between Oswald and Doorman except for the top of the head. Granted, Doorman's is round like Lovelady's and not rectangular like Oswald's. But, that's because they made it that way, and I don't mean God and the angels. 

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