Monday, January 25, 2016

"So, he bypassed online slop by creating brand new online slop."

No, Backes. This is online slop:

We're doing this in a digital world. That's just how it is, and we can't reject it. 

Lisa Osta said the other night, "Every time an analog version is copied it loses a little ." 

Can't we assume that LIFE magazine was capable of publishing the Altgens photo without its published version deviating very much from the original? 

My point is that that non-digital published version from 1964 had to be close to the original- unless LIFE magazine was completely incompetent or totally corrupt. And since I have the magazine in front of me, I can tell whether my digital reproduction of it is accurate. And I can tell you that this is just how it looks when it's my eye looking at the page in the magazine.

 And it is nothing whatsoever like the plaid shirt of Gorilla Man, who is supposed to be the same man 20 minutes later.

It is an outrage for anyone to say that that is the same shirt and the same man. It is in defiance of not only reason and logic but also of the visual sense.  In a word, it is evil. Backes is evil. And I'll tell you how evil he is: 

If he alone came across a photo of Oswald in the doorway, sharp and up-close, that was unmistakably him, Backes would destroy it rather than admit that he was wrong.   He doesn't care about Kennedy. He doesn't care about Oswald.  He doesn't care about JFK truth. He cares only about one thing: the war- this war. And, his corruption, his mendacity, and his evil nature are evident for all to see. He is just another accessory after the fact in the bloodied rampage that is the JFK assassination, and that is the only mark he is going to leave on it.  

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