Friday, January 22, 2016

Kenneth Saffold has done some fabulous work on the JFK assassination, including the Altgens photo. He has a series on Youtube called: JFK Assassination: Do The Math. It's well worth watching. He does a trajectory analysis of all the shots, an acoustical analysis, a Zapruder analysis, and much more. 

But, I am just going to focus on Part 6 because it concerns the Altgens photo. Here is the link:

He starts by pointing out that the common notion that the Altgens photo was taken at Z-255 is wrong. In Z-255, Kennedy has his left fist higher than his right, but in the Altgens photo (which Ken refers to as the AP photo) Kennedy has his right fist higher.

So, those do not match, and Ken believes that the Altgens photo was taken quite a lot earlier, about Z210. He also uses the reflection of the child on the left side of the limo as evidence that it had to be taken well before Z255. And he also addresses the issue of the location of the motorcycle officer on the right side of the limo as evidence that the Altgens photo was taken much earlier than commonly claimed. 

So, why would they want to lie about when the Altgens photo was taken? It was because of the Single Bullet Theory. If Kennedy was reacting the way he was in the Altgens photo much earlier than Z255, how could they claim that Connally was hit with the same bullet? 

Then Ken says this:

"The AP photo is a highly edited photograph. How can you tell? First, it is almost twice as wide as it is high."

"Second, why isn't the President in the center of the photograph?"

Ken is certainly right that Altgens was not centering on Kennedy. So really, he was just shooting the motorcade and capturing the scene at large.

"It is obvious that this photo was both cropped and enlarged to change the view. One can tell that it has been enlarged by the general grainy appearance and because the street color is somewhat washed out."

"Why did they crop it? It's because it showed the 6th floor window, and Oswald wasn't in it."

The above image was taken by Ken and it was meant to approximate the complete camera field of the Altgens photo as it originally existed.  

But, in addition to that, it showed the top of the Dal-Tex building where there were assassins. 

Hence, all the more reason and necessity to crop the photo.

Ken thinks that the original Altgens photo may still exist somewhere in some archive, but I rather doubt it. I don't they would have risked it being discovered and exposed. I think they took a match to it. Why would you choose to guard something 24/7 for eternity when you could just destroy it? 

But, after enlarging and cropping the photo, didn't they have to make a new negative of it to correspond to the finished product? Because, after all, they didn't want to admit what they did, did they? They didn't want to tell the world that they cropped the photo to hide what really happened. They wanted to be able to show a negative which corresponded to the image they were showing. 

Ken did not address it, but what does this do to the timeline of Altgens taking the photo at 12:30, milling around in Dealey Plaza for a few minutes, then travelling on foot to the Dallas Morning News office, waiting to have his film developed and dried, and then the Altgens6 photo had to be edited, but they were still able to wire it to the world at 1:03? 

And that's without considering all the alterations that were made to hide Oswald in the doorway, etc. 

We of the OIC are trying to vet Ken's work, and I can tell you that, so far, we absolutely agree with him about when the Altgens photo was taken, that it was much earlier than Z255. It is a major find. 

I think Ken has done some outstanding and provocative work, and I am trying to reach him. You should watch his entire JFK: Do the Math series on Youtube. 


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