Thursday, January 14, 2016

The idea that a Brinks truck was necessary wasn't just exaggerated; it was laughable. There was no need or reason to make a media event out of moving Oswald from one jail to another. There was no need to announce it in advance. They could have done it and then announced it. What, was someone going to go on the radio and write in a newspaper that it wasn't "transparent"? Is that what you are doing, Richard, playing the transparent card?

From the very beginning, the FBI the SS were involved in the investigation. Two FBI agents were present at the very first interrogation of Oswald, and SS agents attended later ones. And, they weren't the only feds bearing down on the Dallas Police. The Office of the President of the United States was putting direct pressure on the Dallas Police Department. Do you know how many times LBJ's "Texas Mafia" soldiers Cliff Carter and Bill Moyer called Curry and Fritz that afternoon? It was many. You can read Phillip Nelson, LBJ Mastermind to get the exact number.

That Oswald was allowed to speak to the press may have been DPD's idea, but the feds must have allowed it. And the reason they allowed it is: because Oswald wasn't claiming to know anything. He was denying guilt, but he was also claiming to know nothing about it. What part of: "I don't know what this whole situation is about. Nobody has told me anything." do you not understand? If Oswald was telling them anything about conspiracy and intelligence operations and plotters and planners, they would never have put him in front of a microphone. Just imagine if he had blurted out, "This was a conspiracy that involved members of the United States intelligence community. They killed Kennedy." It would have been devastating. So, it's obvious that Oswald wasn't saying that, and it's also clear that authorities were confident that he wasn't going to say anything jarring on national television. If Oswald had even an inkling of suspicion about who was behind it, it kept it to himself. Suffice it to say that reports of Oswald being an "intelligence agent" have been greatly exaggerated, and this is proof. 

Richard seems to be saying that the DPD was a little inept but essentially innocent of Oswald's murder. Oh really? Well, what do you think would happen if it went down like that today? That the police announced to the world that they were moving a high profile prisoner at a certain time and invited the press to watch and a gunman shot him to death while he was tethered to two policemen? How long before the wrongful death lawsuit got filed?

And if it was innocent, why hide any of the particulars? Here is NBC and notice how they broke away when Oswald glanced at Ruby. Watch from second 50 to 52.

God! That is jarring! It's such an obvious and unaccountable break.

Here is CNN's version, which is all spliced, diced, and stitched together, but they avoided the glance much more subtly.

How could a police officer escort a highly endangered prisoner while looking down? Do they do that in war? 

And Jerry: I'm not the least bit religious, but I don't mind the analogy. Oswald in the doorway is like the Holy Grail, and the OIC is like the Knights Templar.  

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