Thursday, January 21, 2016

This is supposed to be Oswald at the Russian Embassy in Mexico City, as captured by a CIA surveillance camera. Notice that it isn't Oswald. When you hold defenders of the official story to the grindstone about this (and they'd rather not talk about it) they say that it was just a mistake, that somebody thought the guy was Oswald, and it got recorded that way, but it was a simple error.

But, isn't it our experience in real life that when mistakes like this get made it's because the mistaken person actually looks like the sought person? This guy didn't look anything like Oswald.

But wait: there is something else even more important. If the CIA had 24 hour surveillance cameras at the Russian Embassy, then they should have captured images of the real Oswald in addition to this guy. As soon as they admitted having those cameras in place, they OBLIGED themselves to come up with images of the real Oswald.   

And they have no excuse for not having them. They can't say that Oswald dodged the camera field. He didn't even know about the camera field. He would have walked straight through it just like everyone else. There are no grounds to assume that he wasn't captured by accident or by intention. The fact that they don't have images of the real Oswald is proof that he never went there. 

Oswald said he never went to Mexico City. As an Oswald defender, are you going to call him a liar about that? Now, why would you want to do that? 

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