Saturday, January 23, 2016

This is Z204. You see the little girl in the hooded sweatshirt. Ken claims that it's her reflection that we see in the limo.

What's the alternative explanation? I believe Ken considers Z210 to be the corresponding frame to the Altgens photo. 

Kennedy is behind the freeway sign in Z210, so we have no way to determine it the usual way by comparing Kennedy's position.

Backes thinks that this is Toni Glover with her arm jutting out:

But, this isn't that long after the frames from Bell.

So, how do you explain that segue? Why would she stick her arm out like that? And look how she towers over the people on the street below.
That's just her arm. She supposedly has a head and neck above that. So, how come she doesn't look the least bit higher than the street people in this Dorman frame?


I told you, Backes. She is not up on any pedestal in the Dorman film. I knew that from the first moment I saw it. You'd have to be out of your mind to think that she and her mother are towering over those other people. 

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