Sunday, January 17, 2016

Backes criticized me for posting a photo of myself which he mistakenly called a selfie. A selfie is a photo taken of oneself by oneself, usually with a mobile phone. This was not that.

But, he did not criticize, nor did he say one word about the content of the post, which was a critique of what he put up. which is this goofy thing:

He tried to claim that that's Toni Glover, standing on the pedestal, making like Will Fritz.

We know she wasn't doing that when the limo was on Houston.

And we know she wasn't doing it when the limo was on Elm.

So, when was she doing this? NEVER!

And, I'll point out that when facing Elm, Toni must have lost interest because she was shorter than her mother, and hugging her close from behind, as she was doing, meant that she couldn't see a thing. Could she see through her mother's back?

Wouldn't the mother have put Toni in front of her since she could see over the little girl but not vice versa? And wouldn't the girl have been safer that way? With Toni clutching her mother from behind, she could still have fallen backwards if she let go, but with the mother securing her from behind, she would have been much more secure, plus she could have seen the spectacle, which was the whole idea.

The image below is from when JFK went to Honolulu. Notice that the mother (or sister, whatever she was) is behind the little one.

So, the bottom line is that the Zapruder image of Toni is fake, and so is the Bell image of her, as well as the Hughes image of her. The only one that is not fake is the Dorman image, but in it, the idea of her standing on the pedestal is fake. She and her mother were on the grass.

You notice that there is no pedestal there. It's not because it was cropped out. The pedestal was way behind them. The pedestal was part of the pool.

Toni and her mother were much closer to the sidewalk than that. They weren't back at the pool. They were close to the sidewalk. The pedestal is continuous with the wall of the pool. So, there would have been water behind them. Do they look like they have water behind them?

But, the plain and obvious fact is that, were they up on the pedestal, they would be towering over the other people. They weren't.

It's conceivable that an 11 year old girl could have climbed up on the pedestal, but a middle-aged woman?

When you were 11 years old, would your mother have climbed up on that thing? I guarantee you my mother would not have climbed up on it. And neither would have any of my aunts. And I had a lot of aunts. I only have a few left, but I used to have a lot, and not one of them would have climbed up there. It would not have mattered how much their kid hounded them. 

Are you aware that Gary Mack reported that when first asked who the other person was on the pedestal, Toni Glover said, what other person? 

Maybe at some point, and probably while they were waiting for the motorcade, Toni climbed up on the pedestal. And if so, her mother probably hounded her to get down, fearful that she would fall. But, the idea that both of them were up there and acting boisterous?

I don't think so. I think the whole thing was a ruse. And I know why they did it. They did it to obstruct the doorway because Oswald was in it, right dab in the center. They used Toni as a curtain.

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