Saturday, January 16, 2016

Backes, this was NOT live. It was Hugh Downs showing it on the Today Show the day after:

So, it was NOT live, it was 24 hours later, which is to say that they had all the time in the world to edit it.

Now, I don't doubt that at the time they they broadcast it live, it did show Oswald turning his head towards Ruby. But, that got shown exactly once, and no ordinary person had a Tivo or a VCR. It didn't get recorded. It didn't get saved. Not by any citizen. 

It's just like with the squad room scene. You claim that it got broadcast on television on 11/22/63. Well, if it did, I can assure you that Lovelady wasn't at the desk. But again: no independent person had a recording device that could have saved it.

Lovelady in the squad room wasn't first noticed until 1977. It wasn't shown to us until then. And it's hardly likely that someone was going to say: "Hey! I remember that footage, and I don't recall seeing anyone at that desk."

So, they got away with it- until I came along.

Backes admits that "other" TV cameras did capture Oswald turning and looking at Ruby, but he thinks that in NBC's case, their guy just happened to need to change his lens.

Well, TV cameramen have been shooting walking subjects since the beginning, and they certainly know how to do it without having to change a lens in the middle of it and interrupt the scene.

Here is another trio of men upon whom the camera was fixed: Obama, Clinton, and Bush. And they are walking- a much farther distance than Leavelle, Oswald, and Graves did. And yet the camera stays on them, and there is no lens change. It  happens at the very beginning, so watch it. 

It was an AP cameraman who shot this without a break. So, maybe they are more dexterous than NBC cameramen. 

The Idjot Beggin' Backes thinks that the NBC couldn't film three guys walking 20 feet without having to change his lens in the middle of it.

You're stupid, Backes. You were born stupid, and you went downhill from there. What they broadcast on 11/25/63 was NOT live television, you dumb mudderpluck. 

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