Sunday, January 24, 2016

"When shown that there is a plaid pattern on "Doorman's" shirt,"

That's the thing; there is no plaid pattern. It's a lie. It's been a lie since Day1. They were looking at distorted blow-ups of crops of the Altgens photo and trying to make hay out of distortion.

Regarding Trask, he was nothing but an apologist for the official story. 

Trask called it the same shirt, but it's not. I just showed you:

How can that be the same as this?

How bloodied do you have to be to say a thing like that? Pretty bloodied. One and the same? If only lipflapping and wordspewing could make reality just what you want it to be. 

"After the seven he took before the assassination Altgens was sent to Parkland hospital."

And why do you think he was sent there? Altgens was proficient not only at taking pictures but slinging words, including captions for his pictures. So, why didn't they let him stick around? Why did they have another photographer write his captions? Why did they send him to Parkland Hospital right away? To get him out of there so that they could alter his photo, which they did.

This article about the Altgens timeline by Larry Rivera and Roy Schaeffer is a masterpiece.


Altgens messed around in Dealey Plaza for quite a while after the shooting. And then, he had to walk to the DMN office. According to some accounts, Altgens images were photofaxed not at 1:03 but 12:57. That is what they first reported. And remember the shooting took place at 12:30. 

Was it even physically possible? No. It was not. 

The Altgens negative was sent to Jaggars/Chiles/Stovall and wasn't shown to the public for the first time until Walter Cronkite showed a crude crop of it his audience in the evening news at 5:30 PM Central. 

5 hours. That's what they had to alter it. 

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