Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Anyone with even half a functioning brain has got to know that Oswald had to be in on it if it was a hoax. How could he not be? But, we have direct evidence that Oswald was crisis-acting. That's because it isn't normal to not see somebody who is rushing at you from the side and well within your peripheral vision, and especially when you were informed ahead of time that people were clamoring to kill you. In the frame below, how could Oswald not turn his head, or at least his eyes, towards Ruby?

He doesn't even glance at him? He doesn't even start to glance at him? It's practically an automatic reflex to do it. 

Detection of motion is what "far peripheral vision" is all about. Here's a paper about it from the Army. It says that for far peripheral vision which goes to 170 degrees: "Motion detection is only modestly diminished compared to that of the fovea." 

"In general, motion detection has been reported to be a robust attribute of peripheral visual function, revealing fairly consistent threshold responses for a variety of different conditions.".


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