Friday, June 3, 2016

Finally, here is one more analysis of another footage, this one from the video that Ed Chiarni put up.

So, they are just walking along, singing a song, side by side. 

Then Oswald alone turns to look at Ruby. Note the fake forearm on Leavelle. 

Then Ruby comes in and shoots him.

Then Oswald starts to crumble.

Then Ruby gets in front of him as Oswald hurls back.

Then Oswald goes straight down like the freight elevator at the TSBD.

It seems to me that once Oswald started to crumble from being shot that he should have continued crumbling; continued going down. If he veered back on his own power, it's inexplicable. The bullet wasn't driving him that way. The bullet went from left to right. If Leavelle had truly jerked him back as he claims that would explain it, but there is no visual evidence of any such action on Leavelle's part. I have looked for that carefully. 

It just makes no sense to me that Oswald would start bending forward and going down after being shot and then suddenly veer backward and upward. And remember, he went up on his toes. 

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