Saturday, June 4, 2016

I am now supporting the claim that the Oswald shooting was an elaborate hoax. Of course, there are others who have been saying it for a long time. When Bob Jackson went on the radio and said that he never saw a drop of blood, that fueled it. This article by Greg Szmanski is probably the most noteworthy:

But, I have a different reason for thinking it was a staged hoax, and it concerns Oswald's actions after being shot. They can be divided into three elements:

1) he cringed and started falling forward
2) then, he veered back and actually went up on his toes
3) and then he collapsed straight down like the Twin Towers

It's that second thing that bothers me, which hardly anybody knows about.

Here's a frame that visualizes the first thing:

So, he's been shot, and he's cringing; he's going down. You'd expect that, right? And you'd expect it to continue, right? It doesn't. After that, Oswald veers back and goes up on his toes. I've got his feet circled.

How could he do that after he was already shot? Do you know what damage he received? The bullet went through his spleen, his pancreas, then it blasted through his aorta and his vena cava, which are the largest artery and the largest vein in the body. It also blew through his superior mesenteric artery. It then went through his right kidney, which is very vascular, and his liver. So, with all those ruptured blood vessels and organs, and with blood flowing in the aorta at the rate of 40 cms per second which is 15.75 inches per second (so imagine the spurt) he went up on his toes after that? How?  

After that, he fell like a stone, straight down. But, you'd think he'd wind up in a heap; coiled up. But when we get a glimpse of him, he looks like he is lying on the ground elongated; stretched out. 

Doesn't he look elongated? How did he get like that? He couldn't have done it himself, right, because he was completely out of it. So, how did he wind up lying so neatly in front of Leavelle? You can't tell me Leavelle did it because Leavelle was busy and preoccupied struggling with "Ruby". 

And then they moved him into the police station? But how? Did they just pick him up like a sack of potatoes? Who carried Oswald into the police station? We didn't get to see it, but why didn't they at least tell us who did it and how they did it? Didn't they know that jostling a patient with such a gunshot wound could seal his death? Did someone grab his arms and someone else grab his legs? Just to dump him on the floor inside the police station? If they weren't taking him to medical attention, there was no reason to move him. And they weren't taking him to medical attention. THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE MOVED HIM. 

The crux of it is: after starting to crumble from being lethally shot, how could Oswald veer back and stand up on his toes? He should have continued to collapse. That's what we should have seen. Not this:

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