Thursday, June 2, 2016

Here's a piece of irony: What happened the first time an officer put his hand on Oswald's waist? Oswald slugged him in the nose. It was his one and only violent act of the day. I guess he didn't like it. And I suspect he reacted so fast, it was like a reflex. Automatic. Boom! But, we are supposed to believe that a second officer did it, putting his fingers inside his pants, and Oswald didn't react at all. He didn't even look at him. At no time did Oswald look at Leavelle. At some point, Leavelle, supposedly, stuck his hand there, and Oswald didn't look at him or react in any way. That's what we are expected to believe.

But, here's another idea: the picture is fake. It should have won the Pulitzer Prize for fakery. 

Of course, if you do a Google Images search for prisoners being led in handcuffs, you won't find any other images of a cop with his hand in the prisoner's pants. This is the only one in the history of humanity. Such things only happen in JFK-land. 

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