Thursday, June 2, 2016

I just did a photo experiment to test the authenticity of the Bob Jackson photo of Oswald being shot. I wanted to look closely at exactly what is happening between Leavelle and Oswald. First, I needed to distinguish Oswald's sweater from his pants: the junction between the two. It's difficult because it's a black and white photo, and the "greyscale" of the two are quite close in greyness. But, the sweater is slightly darker. So, using that, I have drawn lines to indicate the bottom of Oswald's sweater.  

So, going by the greyscale, that's what I get. I don't see any sweater below Leavelle's knuckle and above his thumb. Do you?

If that's correct, then it means that Oswald was not wearing a belt. Also, we are not seeing any indication of loops on the pants. So, Leavelle's hand is tucked in Oswald's pants, but so is the sweater. But, look what happened when I tried it.

Notice how the sweater bunches up. That's because there's a lot of material there, and it has to go somewhere. 

So, how is his sweater so neat and unwrinkled and unbunched, unlike my sweater? Where is the material going? In his pants? No, it wouldn't do that- unless you stuffed it in there. Mine didn't do that. I don't think anybody could duplicate that Jackson image. I don't think anybody could get a sweater to do what Oswald's sweater seems to be doing. But, as photo projects go, this one would be easy to try to duplicate. I just did it all by myself. So, if someone else wants to try it and see if they can make it look like the Jackson photo, be my guest. I don't think it's possible. I don't think it's real. 

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