Wednesday, June 1, 2016

John Armstrong has published an updated article on the Tippit shooting and the minute by minute developments on 11/22/63, and it is magnificent. I shall give you the link. He makes the convincing case that Captain Westbrook and Sargeant Croy were directly involved in Tippit's murder, meaning that they were there, in league with the shooter, who was LEE Oswald (not the Oswald of fame). LEE had to have Westbrook's approval to shoot Tippit. He was no doubt following Westbrook's order to shoot him.  For all practical purposes, the three of them, LEE Oswald, Westbrook, and Croy, killed Tippit. And I'm sure that's true in the eyes of the law- that Westbrook and Croy could have been convicted of murder and sentenced accordingly.   

John also forwarded to me a very nice letter of praise he received from none other than James Norwood, our former Chairman. I am going to post the excellent letter that James wrote, and then I'll give you the link to John's excellent article. But first, this is the note I sent to John:

John, that was nice of James Norwood to acknowledge your article. He really nailed down what you accomplished with it. It's a shame what happened with James, that he got cold feet about Harvey being in the doorway. It's ridiculous. There isn't even any other place else he could conceivably have been at 12:30. Ralph 


I've spent the past few days reviewing very carefully your revised essay on November 22, 1963.  I find this work compelling and carefully documented.  I believe it is especially important for readers not to attempt to skim this essay, but to take the necessary time to absorb each detail, review the documents, and assess the flow of events on November 22.

I was intrigued by your discovery of the two half-dollar bills.  A dollar was a lot of money in 1963, and it would be unusual for anyone to be carrying around two halves of a dollar bill.  I agree with you that this find suggests that HARVEY Oswald was making contact and receiving some kind of advice from an unknown confederate in the Texas Theatre.  But what could have been the advice he received?  I wonder if he wasn't instructed to move the balcony where he would be more isolated than in the orchestra.

But the most important contribution is your extremely detailed analysis and hypothetical reconstruction of the movements of Captain Westbrook and Lieutenant Croy on November 22.  It is suspicious nearly to the point of absurdity that Westbook and Croy were early respondents at (1) Dealey Plaza, (2) 10th and Patton, and (3) the Texas Theatre on November 22 and that these officers were UNASSIGNED to those locations.  Astonishingly, Croy was also unassigned on Sunday, yet he shows up on cue in the basement of the police headquarters standing near Jack Ruby!

A close study of Westbrook, Croy, and Tippit also reveals that it would take only three members of the Dallas police force to disrupt the normal course of a police investigation and through their malicious acts, these three public servants could alter the historical record of November 22, 1963.

But even more significant than Westbrook, Croy, and Tippit was the misdirection provided on November 22 by LEE Oswald.  By placing Lee at the Depository, 10th & Patton, and the Texas Theatre, the conspirators were able to ensure confusion for serious investigators who would be led down the "rabbit hole" unless they understood the background on the two Oswalds. 

Surely, this ingenious planning was the brainchild of David Atlee Phillips, whose background in acting, disinformation, and propaganda dating back to the American coup d'├ętat in Guatemala in 1954 provided him with the ability to conceive such a complex plan on November 22, 1963.  The layers of that plan were designed to destroy HARVEY Oswald and extended from Cecil McWatters' bus to the killing of Tippit at 10th & Patton to what was intended as the final act of the drama to occur in the Texas Theatre.  Phillips made a deathbed confession to his brother, finally admitting that he was present in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.  But Phillips' presence had nothing directly to do with the killing of the president, but rather in framing HARVEY Oswald.

It is not surprising that the players in this drama were nervous as November 22 unfolded.  LEE Oswald was drinking multiple bottles of beer early in the morning.  Tippit was giving an emotional farewell to his young son as he left for work.  And HARVEY Oswald had a desperation in his voice when he told reporters, "I'm just a patsy." 

Your outstanding article has truly helped to fill in the gaps of our understanding of how Oswald was framed and how historical truth was altered on November 22.


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