Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Let's look at this again from the standpoint of the disposition of Oswald; his removal. This is our last view of him. He's lying on the ground. Leavelle is hovering over him but also following the action with "Ruby." 

Then, it gets all busy, but I presume that is still Leavelle hovering down above Oswald. 

Then, it's all commotion where we can't see anything. Then this guy gets into front of the camera, and he's like a curtain.

But then look what happened, and I mean instantaneously. THEY BLEW HIM UP! In an instant, he just puffs up. Same guy. 

That's one guy, and it's not like he was big and fat. He was a deliberate curtain- to block the view. But next to him was a spotter who could see when the coast was clear. And when I say the coast was clear, I mean when both Oswald and "Ruby" were skirted out of there and were no longer in sight. 

So, the guy on the right starts to get the curtain guy to move aside. 

You see, he wasn't so big after all. It was all a trick.

He wasn't big at all. Look at him. Remember this?

And then it goes on:

And as you can see, it's safe to film now because Oswald and "Ruby" are both gone. The coast is clear. 

So, what is this below?

What that is is the Fascist State screwing you in the head. 

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