Friday, June 3, 2016

Oswald went up on his toes after being shot. He appears to have gone high up on his toes. First, here he is right about the instant he was shot: 

He appears to have the heel of his foot on the ground. Then afterwards, he goes up on his toes:

It looks like he goes higher:

Then this would be the highest:

That occurs at 13:07 in the film I saw. So, he's high up. Then at 13:08, one second later, he's flat on his back on the ground.

Then, at 13:11, we can see him clearly.

But, how did he go from this:

to this in less than 1 second:

It just doesn't seem possible.

And why did he go up on his toes. The shot didn't cause him to do that. He was shot from left to right through his rib cage.

So, if he was shot from left to right through his rib cage, where the bullet came to a stop right under the skin on the right side, what would cause him to go up on his toes? And since the damage was instantaneous, rupturing his aorta and his vena cava, the largest artery and the largest vein in the body, it seems like a lot of muscular work to do after being shot. Try standing on your toes.  

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