Friday, June 3, 2016

This is the famous Jackson photo, but we don't see it as a frame in the footage. 

So, Oswald is shot, and Ruby is in front of him, with his gun still pointed at him. The "story" that one would gather from looking at this picture is that Ruby shot Oswald from that position, from standing in front of him. But of course, that is not what happened. Ruby shot Oswald from the side, through the rib cage.

So, after shooting Oswald from the side, Ruby wound up in front of him and was still pointing his gun at him? Then why don't we see it in the footage? As I view this footage, I see "Ruby" shooting Oswald from the side, then immediately, Graves has got his hands on his arm holding the gun. Start watching from 13 minutes. There is NO frame in this footage that corresponds to the Jackson photo.

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