Monday, June 6, 2016

Why would Oswald play along? Presumably because they said they were going to get him out of it. 

I figure he may have started spilling his contacts; his intelligence contacts. "Check with So-and-So. He knows me. He'll vouch for me." 

"Look, Lee. There are too many people who want to kill you right now. Releasing you would put you in grave danger. So, let's make them think you are already dead. Then, we'll figure out a way to get you back as another person." 

But, I'll get back to that later. Do you know who this is? You should. 

That's Tim McCarthy. And that's the position you would expect him to be in after falling to the ground. Here's a better one:

But, look at Oswald:

How did he get like that, elongated and lying on his back? He couldn't have gotten like that from the way he fell. Here he is falling. Notice that Oswald is extremely blurry while no one else is. Supposedly, that's because he's moving. But, I have to wonder, was he moving that fast? In the video, it looks faster than real life. It's just swoosh, and he's gone. 

But, he would never wind up on his back. His knees gave out, and then they flexed because of gravity. Gravity is the only force that is working on him here. But, he would fall face forward. When you lose all power, your head flexes forward naturally, again because of gravity, You would fall to your knees, and then you would either topple forward or topple to the side. There is no way you are going to go back. If you were shot from the front, if the gun was powerful enough, it might knock you off your feet on your back. But, in this case, his lights went out, and he fell because that's what gravity does to you when you stop opposing it. He should have wound up like McCarthy, not like this:

And remember what was done to him: the bullet severed his largest blood vessels: his aorta and his vena cava. His aorta, which is under high pressure, was spurting blood inside of him- like a fountain. 

So, how much talking is a guy going to do in that condition? How much vocalizing? 

Now watch this video from David Von Pein. It's the WFAA coverage of the Oswald shooting. It shows it from behind, and you don't see it, but you hear it. You hear Oswald vocalizing. I hear him make at least 3 separate vocalizations. Start at 25 minutes and 10 seconds:

It seems like a bit much for a guy who has had a bullet course through his spleen, pancreas, aorta, vena cava, superior mesenteric artery, liver, and right kidney. How could he vocalize so loudly and so much after all that? 

Now, here's a good one: Jack Ruby. The real Jack Ruby. They're leading him through the police station after the shooting. But, they're all ignoring him. Most are not noticing him at all. Is is the same guy that minutes before all these cops were wrestling with in a mad frenzy?

By the way, the cop in the center is Mr. Everywhere: Inspector J.H. Sawyer.

Start watching it at 26:30. They just walk Ruby by and nobody notices. After he's gone, you hear the broadcaster say, "that apparently is the man who did the shooting."

But, that there Ruby, sheepish and gentle as a lamb, is he really the guy who was struggling with police just minutes before? What were they struggling about? Was Ruby trying to shoot someone else? Was he punching? Was he kicking? Was he biting? What was he doing? And what were they doing? Why didn't they cuff him on the spot? That's what police do. Not 99% of the time. Not 99.9% of the time. But, 100% of the time. NEVER do they try to take him somewhere before getting complete control of him and complete neutralization/pacification of him by cuffing him. This is the ONLY TIME in police history that this was ever done. So, why was it done? It was done because the purpose was to give the Ruby impostor cover. They had to move him into the building with complete and total cover. That was what this was all about:

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