Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Within the OIC, we are talking up these new finds about the shooting of Oswald. This was a response of mine to Gary King, one of our members from New Orleans. Gary made the astute observation that the Ruby impostor might have been someone who was photographed elsewhere in other footage, and we should look for him. This was my response:

Gary, it occurred to me that he might have been a policeman because who would they have trusted more to do it? Leavelle deliberately wore a cream-colored suit (the kind you might wear to a wedding or perhaps on Easter Sunday) and Oswald was put in black precisely so that there would be a lot of contrast between the two. 

It was a grave, appalling mistake for them to move Oswald. Everyone knows that you don't move an abdominal gunshot victim unless you absolutely have to because it increases the risk of bleeding. In this case, all they did with him when they brought him inside was dump him on the floor- according to reports. So, why move him at all? Why couldn't they leave him where he was until the ambulance got there? 

They couldn't because they didn't want us to see him being moved. The question is: Why? When they used the cameraman as a curtain, what they were covering up was Oswald's removal. So, why was it so crucial that we not see him being moved?

What I am starting to wonder (not claim, just wonder) is whether Oswald wasn't really shot YET, that the whole thing was faked. If you look at the Jackson photo, you see Oswald clenching himself over his abdomen, and you see "Ruby" pointing the gun at his abdomen. But, Oswald was shot in the rib cage. We don't see any damage to him or to his clothes. It's the cleanest shooting scene there ever was; not a drop of blood.

So, if Oswald wasn't really hurt at that point, I can understand why they couldn't show us him being removed. And if he was really hurt, why then couldn't they show it? I have yet to come up with a plausible reason.  

So, did they shoot him afterwards when they got him inside? I'm just thinking out loud here. I'm satisfied that he was shot when they brought him out on the stretcher because of the way his head jostled. If he was conscious and faking it, he could not have relaxed enough for his head to bob the way it did. So, I think he really was unconscious at that point. Besides, there is no way they delivered that gunshot in the ambulance. That ambulance was really just a glorified station wagon. So, if he was shot other than in the basement by "Ruby", it was in the police building. They've got silencers for revolvers. Ralph

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