Thursday, June 8, 2017

Backes, you are being an idiot, AGAIN!

Backes thinks that even though the cops closed the side door and were diligent to keep people out, that they paid no attention to the double doors, and so the WFAA film crew just waltzed right in immediately. 

You can't assume that, Idiot. Those cops were diligent about keeping people out of the jail office. Look at the cops in the garage with their arms extended keeping people back.

What do you think they were doing? They were keeping people from entering the jail office. That's Bob Jackson at the lower left. They weren't going to let him in. What do you think would have happened if he tried to get past them? They weren't going to let him in. But you think they let WFAA in? Why? Based on what? Some pre-arrangement? But, how is that possible if it was just supposed to be Oswald getting into a car and being driven away? 

Witnesses even said that police were not initially letting anybody into the jail office. What would be the point of securing one door and not the other? You have no right to assume that WFAA just waltzed right in there. Besides, if they had, there would have been no break in the film. The camera was running. If after filming the guy who went in and turned around and closed the door, the cameraman went through the double doors, then his camera would have been on, and we'd be seeing the whole thing. And think about how gutsy it would be: "This cop is keeping me out of this door, but I'll just thwart him by going through the other door. Fuck 'im." 

If they were securing one door, you can be damn sure they were securing the other door. 

And even afterwards, they had men at the double doors controlling entry.

The idea that the WFAA crew got in immediately or were let in immediately is preposterous. 

You're stupid, Backes.  Born stupid; living stupid; always and forever stupid, stupid, stupid. 

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