Thursday, June 8, 2017

If this was right after the pandemonium in the garage, how could a film crew be there already to film Ruby?

We saw the men who entered the jail office before the door was summarily closed. And there was no film crew.

So, the door got closed before any film crew came in. So, was there a film crew waiting? Why would there be? They had no expectation of this happening. Did they? 

We got a very clear description of what happened from Detectives McMillon, Archer, and Crady: Ruby was pushed down to the floor in the jail office; handcuffs were applied (finally); and then he was taken up to the 5th floor. 

This other scene was obviously several minutes after the scuffle in which everything was settled down and lots of other men had come in.  But, how could Jack Ruby still be there? And how could he be out of his jacket when they said nothing about removing his clothes until after they got to the 5th floor? 

And why would they? Once they handcuffed him, he couldn't access any other weapons, period- because he was handcuffed. So, there was no imperative that way. And the idea that they would remove his jacket to search it for weapons is just plain studpid, ala David Von Pein. And then what? "Let us help you get your jacket back on, Jack. There, you don't want to catch a chill."

The entire story of the JFK assassination is a lie, a grotesque lie! That's the JFK part; the Tippit part; and the Oswald part. And it is criminal that the US government continues to tell these lies- an obstruction of justice. 

It is not going to go on forever. It is going to come crashing down. And when it does, the people responsible are going to be exposed, and so are the people who protected them. 

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