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Wait a minute Raff*. You claimed that the fedora was the key to proving
that Ruby was captured in Altgens 6 and hidden by the insertion of a woman
holding a child.

Trying to have it both ways again? Like the first it was plaid and then
not plaid and then kinda sorta could call it plaid shirt. 

Ralph Cinque: What I know for certain is that Fedora Man is someone important whom they wanted covered up because they DEFINITELY covered him up. They inserted the Woman and Boy in the Altgens photo just to do that. 

We are looking at a physical impossibility there, where the boy is much too upright and erect to be carried by someone, and yet he is too elevated to be standing on the ground. She can't be holding him like that; she'd have to be Superwoman to do it. And no, there was nothing he could have been standing on. Some fool suggested a car bumper, but my response to him was: try it yourself. See if you can stand that straight on a car bumper. 

Jack Ruby was a reasonable guess as to who Fedora Man is, but I never claimed certainty of it. And, at the time, I didn't know about James Bookhout. I now think it is more likely that he was Bookhout. But, more important than who Fedora Man was is the fact that he was facing Oswald. We're seeing his back. He is not facing forward; he is not facing Elm Street; he is turned around, facing Oswald, who was in the doorway. And that is the compelling reason why they had to cover him up. 

Plus, the boy is wearing a wool cap, pulled down over his ears no less, on a warm sunny 70 degree afternoon. It's ridiculous. He was installed into the photo, and there is no doubt about that. 

And, Oswald's shirt is not plaid. Plaid means horizontal and vertical lines which cross and form boxes. But, it wasn't solid either; it had a fine, grainy pattern. 

What I know for certain is that Fedora Man was so

So, you can see the graininess there. Of course, it was nothing like this:

Nor was Doorman's shirt anything like that:
What we are seeing on Doorman's shirt is the graininess of Oswald's shirt, plus some light reflection, plus general haze and distortion from the gross enlargement. Notice that you could play checkers on Lovelady's shirt on all the boxes.
Yet, there is not a single box on Doorman's shirt. And the fact is that Lovelady didn't wear that shirt anyway. He wore a short-sleeved, striped shirt, the same one in which he posed for the FBI.

That is the shirt that Lovelady wore on 11/22/63. The irony is that there he is posing in it, as Doorman, with it unbuttoned- just to play along. Yet, he didn't have enough sense to clasp his hands in front of his body as Doorman is doing. He reversed it by doing it in back. Different strokes for different folks. 

And note that they have NEVER shown us Oswald's real shirt, nor have they ever showed us the same shirt twice. They keep showing us different ones. 

This is a very ugly story, and the more you peel it open, the uglier it gets. 

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