Thursday, June 1, 2017

Abraham Bolden informed us (the OIC) that SS Agent Forest Sorrels told him, on the phone, a couple days after Oswald was killed, that Oswald knew John Hurt and had tried to call him on the phone. The only discrepancy is that, from the sound of it, Abraham recalled the name as "John Hurd". But, I presume no one will doubt that it referred to the same person.

So, Oswald definitely tried to reach out to intelligence agent John Hurt, and the authorities would not let him do it. They stopped the switchboard operator, Louise Sweeney, from putting the call through.

But wait. They had to know that eventually, Oswald was going to reach Hurt, and that as soon as Oswald consulted with a lawyer that he would tell the lawyer about Hurt, and that the lawyer would act on it. So, it was inevitable that Oswald was going to reach Hurt. Unless, of course, Oswald died.

And then what? They just got lucky and Jack Ruby showed up the very next morning, about 12 hours later, and got them out of a tight jam by shooting and killing Oswald? You believe that, do you?

The official story of the Oswald murder is just as bogus as the official story of the JFK murder. Jack Ruby no more shot Oswald than Oswald shot JFK. Both Oswald and Ruby were patsies.  And you are a patsy yourself if you keep believing and supporting the official story of the third murder in two days.

The order must have come down from the top, and I don't mean the Mafia. And by the way, Jack Ruby had no ties whatsoever to the Chicago Mafia. He was Jewish, you know, and they were Italian. I mean Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover. 

Johnson's people were in direct contact with Captain Will Fritz from the getogo: from early in the afternoon on November 22. Do you know how many times Cliff Carter and Bill Moyer took turns calling Fritz? According to Johnson biographer Phil Nelson, it was at least 13 times. They kept telling Fritz that the country needed closure, that he needed to declare the case solved and the lone nut assassin caught. And that is exactly what Will Fritz did. Immediately upon the death of Oswald, he declared the JFK case closed. What sense does that make? Someone shoots and kills the suspect in a murder case, so you close the case? How, at that time, could Fritz claim to know that there was no connection between Ruby and Oswald?  Don't you see that he was just doing what he was told to do? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Lyndon Johnson spoke to Fritz himself. And how was Fritz going to say no to the President of the United States? 

The plan of using Bookhout as the Ruby impostor probably came about because it was a joint DPD/FBI operation. Bookhout was the main thing that the FBI provided, and by order of Hoover. 

Oswald must have been very vocal, at the interrogations, about his intention to contact Hurt. So, they all knew about it. And that's why they had officers there that night to prevent it. Then, the next morning they must have told him:

"We believe you, Lee. We realize now that you are a US intelligence agent, and you couldn't have done this. And we are going to get you out of this. But, we can't just release you. There are too many people out to kill you now, and they won't be influenced by anything we say. So, the only way to protect you at this point- to keep you alive- is to fake your death. And we should do it on national television, so that people can see it with their own eyes. That is the only way to call off the dogs. And then, when things settle down, and you're settled in with a new name and a new identity, and a new past, you can be reunited with your family. We'll see to it. Trust us."

And poor Lee must have believed them because he went along with it. He had no idea that they were lying to him and were really going to kill him. 

But, they didn't kill him in the garage on television. First, James Bookhout wasn't that kind of FBI agent. He wasn't a shoot-em-up kind of guy. He was an FBI lawyer, the operative word being lawyer. You've got to stop thinking of this as fool-proof operation that couldn't go wrong, where nobody else could get hurt. Would you have wanted to be James Leavelle, to have a bullet coming in your direction, where the only thing between you and it was Oswald's skinny body? But, in addition, it was vitally important that Oswald's inflicted wound be lethal. If Oswald had survived it, it would have been a disaster for them. What could they do? Try it again? Have him be shot twice in police custody? Who, in the world, was going to believe that? 

"Damn. Shame. Twice shot in police custody. Who knew? But, what could they do? Can't stop a lone nut."   

The shooting was an obvious ruse. LC Graves would have had to be blind not to see "Ruby" crossing in front of him. How could he not react until after the shot? It's ridiculous! And how come not one person in the garage reacted shocked/startled/scared in response to the gun blast? For Christ's sake, those .38s are loud. I wear earmuffs every time I practice with mine. If you heard it up-close without earmuffs, and where it was unexpected, it would shock the hell out of you. You would really startle; I mean jump.  

It was a made for tv spectacle. They shot Oswald afterwards under controlled conditions, where they could make absolutely sure they delivered a lethal shot. I am inclined to think it happened inside the police station, where they had a room all set up in advance to do it. They must have sedated Oswald with chloroform or some other sedative. 

Just think: even after Oswald was killed, the Secret Service was in panic mode about John Hurt, calling Abraham Bolden in Chicago to find him. Can you imagine how panicked they were when Oswald was still alive and on the verge of speaking to him? Holy Shit! Oh how they needed Oswald dead. They didn't just get lucky with Jack Ruby. No way. THEY did it. They being the Dallas Police and the FBI. They did it all. They arranged every last bit of it. And they were fully protected because the order came down from the President of the United States. 

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