Friday, June 2, 2017

David Von Pein 
12:58 PM (1 hour ago)
On Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 8:56:30 PM UTC-4, Ralph Cinque wrote: 
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Who do you think the person is who is being escorted by police into the
elevator at City Hall within a couple of minutes of Oswald getting shot
(go to 22:07 in the video below)?

If you agree that the man with the torn shirt being taken to an elevator
IS Jack Ruby, then what do you think the police are doing with Ruby at
that moment? Did Ruby JUST HAPPEN to coincidentally be in that area of
City Hall within minutes of Oswald getting shot by someone ELSE?

Or will you simply say that the WFAA video isn't nearly clear enough to
determine who the man with the torn shirt is? I expect that will be your
only reply.

It's Jack Ruby in that video, of course. And Ruby is being escorted
upstairs just minutes after he plugged Oswald. But Ralph will now have to
invent some excuse for why the police are escorting an INNOCENT Ruby (or a
Ruby look-alike) upstairs. Or maybe Ralph thinks the man in the torn shirt
is really James Bookhout. Could that be it?

Let's watch Ralph's comedy act continue....

Ralph Cinque:


Yes, that is the real Jack Ruby, but he was brought down from the 5th floor. He had been up there for the better part of an hour, and they just brought him down for a photo op- to insert him into the story. 

If he was just being brought in, then how could he be out of his jacket? He was wearing one, right? And there was a big struggle, wasn't there? And for some reason, they didn't handcuff him in the garage, right? But once they got him inside the jail office, then they did handcuff him, right? We can't assume that they removed his jacket first before they handcuffed him, can we? Why would they do that? They wouldn't. They would have had no thought in their minds to do such a thing. They would have just handcuffed the violent man, however he was dressed. So, how could he be handcuffed in just a shirt there? What happened to his jacket? 

They probably left his jacket upstairs. They forget about it. It was a slip-up. They took him downstairs to redo bringing him in, except they forgot to put his jacket back on him. And that's why we see him there handcuffed with no jacket. 

It was all an act, David; a dog and pony show. This was their feeble attempt to insert the real Jack Ruby into the story. This was the switch in the bait and switch. 

Pathetic. Hapless and pathetic.

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