Friday, June 2, 2017

So, where was Ruby's jacket when this picture was taken? It was up on the 5th floor, where he had already been. They brought him back down to parade him around in front of the cameras, but they forgot about his jacket. Somebody probably thought that it would look good to show him disheveled, his shirt undone, etc. But, how could that have happened from the scuffle when he was wearing a closed jacket at the time? So, how did his shirt get undone? They must have undone it. It was all part of the act. Look at poor Ruby. Totally submissive, totally docile, totally compliant. Do you really think he was resisting arrest just a minute or two before, requiring a dozen big policemen to subdue him? After all that, nobody pays him any mind here. It's hard to believe that he was at the center of a wild brouhaha just a couple minutes before. And that's because he wasn't. While that was going on, he was upstairs on the 5th floor, getting naked and handing over his underpants. Just getting. I'm sure they didn't make him get naked and replace his underpants. That's just a story they came up with to explain the socks discrepancy.  "1 set underwear" my ass. If Ruby had his wits about him, he would have realized that they brought him downstairs and walked him around for nothing. And notice that Ruby shows absolutely no interest in Oswald. You'd think that if he shot him, he'd be curious to know what condition he was in. But, Ruby isn't curious. Was this about the time that Ruby said, "I hope the son of a bitch dies"? Does he look like someone who would say that?
Evil surrounds us, people. Our country has been entrenched in satanic evil for a very long time.

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