Friday, June 9, 2017

Here are several frames of Blackie Harrison from the KRLD footage.

So, there is some shadow there, but nothing compare it to WFAA:

That is over the top. No way is that real. Now let's look at the Ruby figure. First, his whole face is in shadow:

Then, he is going to turn to his left, towards us, and his face starts to come into the light:
Shadow? That's shadow? What could be casting that shadow?

And finally, it goes to this, where his entire face is in bright light except for his eyes.

What could possibly be casting that shadow? I'll tell you what could. Nothing could. Absolutely nothing. It is fake. It is false. And there isn't another photographic image like it in the entire world. Try to find one. Better yet, duplicate it. You can't. 

The people who are defending this and claiming that it is real are being ridiculous and preposterous- to the extreme. How do they have the nerve to do it? Their names are: David Von Pein, Jason Burke, and BT George. 

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