Friday, June 9, 2017

I am increasingly convinced that this guy is James Bookhout.  And note that in this case, it's exactly where James Bookhout said he was. It's why I began looking for him here. 

Here's another view of him. 

He is way in back there, far from the ambulance. And then, before Oswald is gone, Bookhout turns around and leaves.

He is turning around there. At this point (above), he is facing to our left. And, he keeps turning. 

And then, he is gone:

So, he went back into the jail office, from whence he came. But, who would do that? Who would leave before Oswald was taken away? And remember that Bookhout said he was there. And how come Bookhout didn't go to the hospital? Here, he had spent more time with Oswald than anybody. He got to know him well enough that Oswald came up and talked to him in the hall- something he did with no one else. And look at his strange affect in the image below. Look how hard he is trying not to be seen, not to be noticed. It's eerie. That is James Bookhout. 

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